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 Press Release from Compaq

Digital Doc

"A techno-savvy chiropractic physician  in the South Bay area of Southern California, Dr.C.M. Wilkerson, uses his iPAQ Pocket PC and Digital-Doc software as an indispensable tool for treating patients.
Dr. Wilkerson starts by  downloading his patients' records for the day. While viewing an anatomical image of a body, he taps on the area of the patient's chief complaint. Dropdown menus match the specific corresponding area of complaint.
The iPAQ Pocket PC updates patient records on the fly, then synchronizes to desktop storage each day.
Producing the endless insurance reports is greatly simplified. Mobile digital computing means better organization, more free time, less stress, and better patient documentation. This translates to better patient care and better financial reimbursement," writes Dr.Wilkerson. 

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